Late to the trend: Knitted Vest and Chunky Boot

Months later than everyone else, I’ve finally brought a knitted vest and I am extremely frustrated I didn’t do it when the rest of the world did. Obviously, if I was jumping on the trend I had to hit Zara to ensure I got everything I needed; and I also like to think Zara is that little bit different from that of other places. 

At the moment, I have only styled it with faux leather patterned trousers but I have already decided that this is my new go-to outfit and I need more knitted vests ASAP. 

That Zara Shirt and Knit

Once again, late to the trend I have purchased THE chunky boots* and once again, I’m frustrated. These with this outfit are just something else. I worry sometimes that these style of shoes may make my feet look big and clunky but these are that comfy that I don’t even care. These will definitely be worn with SO many different outfits! 

The ASOS chunky boots

What trends have you been loving? 

Stay safe x 

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