Christmas gift guide

Before I get into this post, I just want to say that I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe! We've got through this once and we can do it again! 

If you are anything like me, then you are also unorganised and didn't get any Christmas shopping done before we went into a second lockdown. Therefore, I have been scrolling through all the online shopping websites and doing some Christmas shopping that way and I wanted to share some of my ideas with you! 

Now ASOS have been killing it with their gift section and I have genuinely ordered so many Christmas presents off there! 

Bags These are a genuis idea and also SO cute! ASOS are stocking them in so many cute prints and I think they are so so handy and practical. I have ordered a few of these for some of my friends and I think they will love them! 
The Flatlay Co. Makeup Bag (photo from ASOS)

I think these are great ideas and perfect stocking fillers. I picked one up in 'Mindfulness ideas' and one in 'Fitness Challenge'. I think they are inventive and will hopefully incorporate a bit of fun into my friends routines! 

This is a general and very generic idea but ASOS are stocking so many cute ones right now and everyone loves having cosy feet!! 

If you are a FRIENDS lover then ASOS is like Santas toy shop because there is SO many FRIENDS products over there, from clothes to mugs to baubles and so much more! The Typo x FRIENDS range is the best IMO! 

Okay, I could go on about ASOS forever as there is so much cute stuff but they literally have a 'Gifts' section, so please go and have a fieldday and hopefully it takes away some of your Christmas stress! 

Once again, another brilliant place for Christmas ideas!

If you know a book lover, whether that is physical books, kindle vouchers or audiobooks you will find something for everyone! 

You may be thinking this is a bit of a strange one from Amazon but honestly I have found the perfect present for my sister here! Bomb Cosmetics have got gift pack on there, that are all wrapped up and literally ready to go! They have different ones, so you can pick which collection suits the person best! I picked up the gift pack in the collection 'Santa's Sleigh Ride' and it looks so cute!
Bomb Cosmetics Santa’s Sleigh Ride (photo from Amazon)

Okay so I am going to stop there because I could keep going forever, I may do another one of these maybe with different websites or categories! 

Take care x 

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  1. As much as I'd like to support smaller businesses, Amazon just has everything in one place! You can find such good things on ASOS too x

    Emily |