Podcast and Netflix recommendations

We are still in that time where tv hasn’t yet returned to normal. We haven’t got the same number of weekly episodes as we used to. Filming for some shows can’t happen and it is leaving us high and dry. So if you are anything like me you are in serious need of something to get lost in! I am going to share some films, tv shows and podcast that I have been watching/ listening to recently and feel like you need to take a look.

Podcast and Netflix recommendations


The Fall - series

The Fall seems to be a show that some people watched a few years ago but I have only recently discovered it, binge watched it and was obsessed! I watched it with my mum and we loved it because there were a few seasons but it wasn’t too long that you got bored and didn’t want to finish it! It was a bit ‘odd’ but I swear, you will get obsessed! I have recommended this to so many people and even my grandparents said it was incredible! 

Work It - film

If you are obsessed with dance, feel good films then you need to watch Work It! Firstly the cast are stunning; Liza Koshy and Sabrina Carpenter are a dream duo I didn’t know I needed! In the current time we are in, where we need some sunshine, laughter and a bit of a wiggle then this film will honestly give you it all!

Podcast and Netflix recommendations 


What’s Good?

If you want a bit of a laugh, regardless of if you are a Sidemen fan or not, this is the podcast for you! Simon and Randolph discuss all the things that have happened throughout the week and to be honest my favourite section, is the ‘What’s Good?’ section. Simon basically has a list of topics and Randolph has to say his view on it and they discuss it all, it without a doubt makes me laugh every week! AND they sometimes have guests on too!

The Secrets Out 

Now this podcast will never make you think anything you have ever done is TOO out there, ever! So Alfie Deyes has different celebrity guests on each week and they all sit and answer/react to anonymous secrets sent in by the public and they DO NOT hold back. Honestly some of things I have heard are unbelievable but the celebrity responses and reactions are the best bit. 

Private Message 

This is a new discovery for me and I love it. Influencers, Sophie Milner and Gemma Talbot have different focuses each week and give you ultimate girly best friend chats about all the things you definitely discuss with your besties. They sometimes have guests to join but mainly pick some topics, discuss the ins and outs of everything and then also help out some of the public with their dilemmas. In these times of not being able to socialise properly, they make me feel like I’m having some proper good girly gossip sessions. 

Shagged, Married, Annoyed

If you want to literally laugh out loud then this is the one for you. The amount of times I have questioned what fellow drivers must think of me when I am literally laughing on my own in the car at 7:30 in the morning on the way to work. Chris and Rosie Ramsey are honestly ultimate couple goals because their relationship is just hilarious and they seem so open about everything; I mean they literally talk about everything on their podcast. I don’t even know how to describe their podcast other than a dream and an absolute ray of sunshine in the doom and gloom of things recently, whilst being SO SO real! 

These are just some of my ultimate favourites but if I’ve missed any of your faves out please let me know! 

Take care x 

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  1. These look like some great suggestions! I will see if they are available to me in Canada.

  2. I am so behind the times! I hear about all these great podcasts. I have only listened to Michael Rappaport and Michelle Obama. The ones you suggested sound right up my alley!

  3. Some great recommendations here! Work It is on my list!

    Serena /

  4. I didn't know the Sidemen had a podcast, what a great find! Love those boys.

  5. I should start getting into podcasts, I'm definitely interested in 'What's Good?' as the Sidemen do make me laugh x

    Emily |

  6. Love your recommendations! I haven't listened to a podcast in a little while but I loved Shagged Married Annoyed back when I did listen to them (I'll have to get back into it!). Loved Work It as well :)