Don’t get me wrong, I like the colour pink but I never knew I would enjoy wearing it as much as I do.  I go through these phases where one colour just takes over, first it was black, then camel and now apparently it’s pink. If it was acceptable to wear all these items at once I would probably give it a go but somehow I don’t think would look anywhere near decent. So I’m going to share with you my favourite pink staples; if you follow me on the ‘gram you would have already seen these!

The trousers*
ASOS Design is literally becoming my favourite place to shop for anything, especially blazers and trousers! Therefore when I saw these tailored tie waist trousers I knew I had to buy them. They honestly fit like a dream, they are nice and high waisted and hug my waist perfectly. I always struggle with trousers to fit both my waist and my legs and these couldn’t fit any better! With a pair of heels they are a dream! 
I’ll be honest, I have not read as much as I expected through this summer but everything I did read I loved so feel the need to share with y...