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I am the biggest sucker for cute stationary and notebooks (who isn’t!). My favourite section of shops like TKMaxx and WHSmiths, is always the stationary, where I can swoon over all the different designs and collections and break the bank account at the same time. Honestly, if it was acceptable for me to have a room filled with all of the notebooks possible, I would be that person to have one for every different occasion and purpose - I just love them.

Daily Goal Setter
Therefore, when I came across Mal Paper, where everything was so clean and sleek, I knew I had to dig into this brand a bit more because I love nothing more than when something looks all nice and professional; gives me ultimate girl boss vibes which is always the goal! I mean honestly, who doesn't want that. I love that with the 'Daily Goal Setter' each month isn't scheduled in for you, which makes it one of them planners you can pick up at any point throughout the year and start you don't have to wait for the next year/ next academic year to get goal setting or if you are like me, just sorting your life out. 

When it comes to goal setting it has a section dedicated to ensuring the goals you set and the way you set them are going to give you the best outcome. It has the 'SMART' method listed out for you to make sure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely. As well as setting your long term goals, it also allows you to set things you want to achieve in a month and these can be reviewed monthly, so you can see progress in longer term projects. 

As someone who's brain has the power to sometimes look more towards the negative side of things than the positive, I like the fact that this planner explains the best times to fill sections in and almost give you that aspect of routine. It tells you when to reflect, when to do your gratitudes and when to write your affirmations. Things like this are important for me as I sometimes find it hard to see the things I have achieved, whereas in something like this it will be all there for you, in one little book. I have seen so many people on Instagram recently doing there journaling and writing their gratitudes and I have wanted to get into it for so long that I am happy I have now got somewhere to do this and it makes sure that you do it every day with a designated slot.

Daily Goal Setter Quote
As well as being a sucker for stationery and cute notebooks, I am such a sucker for quotes and sayings - I honestly have them dotted around my room in various different forms. So you can imagine that when I saw there were positive and motivational quotes dotted through this planner, it made me love it even more. On each day in the planner there is a short quote dotted at the bottom of each page, to give you that little spark every day. A bonus was that, as someone who spends a long time on Pinterest everyday, finding out that some of these quotes, I hadn't heard of before was amazing and I will definitely be showing them to everyone I meet. 

I genuinely am so so happy that I have come across this brand and I will definitely be having a delve into the other products they have and sharing my thoughts with everyone I know, as this planner honestly gives me so many girl boss vibes and I think we all need that sometimes. 

Are you someone who writes gratitudes and affirmations?

Stay safe x

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  1. I keep seeing this planner everywhere and I really need to pick it up soon! I'm so bad at planning but really want to get myself into a routine, and this seems like the perfect planner to do that x

    Emily |