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I have ALWAYS been a book person. I love holding a physical book and turning the pages, especially on holiday. During lockdown, it reached a point where I was ordering books multiple times a week and storing them really started to become an issue. If you have seen any of my previous book posts, you will know this is not an exaggeration. I was seriously running out of space yet getting through books like there was no tomorrow. This was when the debate of whether to get a Kindle really started. 

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
My Mum has had a Kindle for years and absolutely loves it for travelling and reading in bed, due to the built in light. This had been an issue for me as I don't have a bedside table or lamp, so was having to full on hold my phone torch over my head to read and it was a right issue and actually stopped me reading for a while. Another thing that sold it for me was the fact that me and my Mum read the same books, so I was buying the hard copy and she was getting it on her Kindle. Whereas, with a Kindle we can share the books so will only be buying them once! 

So, with the rate I was getting through books, I thought now is the time to take the plunge. I went and purchased the Kindle Paperwhite which is also now waterproof and has massively taken away my bath-reading anxiety of dropping books in the bath and ruining them.

Kindle Review
I absolutely love it. It has made reading so much easier for me, like I mentioned above with reading in bed and the bath. It is so lightweight and easy to use with the adjustable light and you can change it to night mode too; which I have used when I am getting super tired but just want to finish that chapter. I have got through multiple books on it since having it and the books are also cheaper too and have picked up a few 99p bargains. I thought I would miss the turning of pages but you do get used to it and I can imagine how much easier this will be for travelling, which is something I never thought I would say about books as I just love them so much. 

If I Never Met You
I also love that even though me and my Mum have separate accounts for our Kindle, we can share books through 'family sharing' so only one of you has to purchase them. I mentioned above that my Mum has had hers for ages and even books she has brought on it before she can share with me now, which is really good. 

So yes, I do love my Kindle but one of the fun parts about books for me was swapping and sharing with friends and family and for this reason, I do think I will still read and purchase some hard copy books and share with people but just nowhere near as much as I did before and my everyday reading will definitely be conducted on my Kindle. 

Are you a book or Kindle person?

Stay safe x 

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  1. Books take up so much space!! It is a constant problem for me but I just dont find kindle as satisfying as physical books and I don't feel as excited to read on a kindle. However, there is usually amazing deals and sales on kindle books and i find it convenient for work, uni and travel!!! Its amazing to hear other readers views, great post xx

  2. I'm the same! Lockdoen has really brought out the inner book lover in me so much that I also just bought a kindle! I still prefer to read physical books (paperback ftw) bit I've found since getting my kindle that I've been reading so much more

  3. I was like you; a physical book person through and through until I ran out of space big time (one of my bedroom walls is a full wall bookshelf haha) so decided to get a kindle to continue my reading! It's so much better for travelling; and I find myself reading more as I can take it more places too. I also love how it connects automatically to Goodreads so you can update it as you're reading - fab! Really enjoyed reading this review.

    Paige // Paige Eades