A New Blazer Brand In My Wardrobe

If you are a regular reader or follow my Instagram, you will be aware of the blazer obsession I have gained recently. Most of my blazers are from ASOS as I love them that much I actually have the exact same blazer in multiple colours. I have picked up a few from other brands but recently fell in love with one from Dorothy Perkins. Obviously I have shopped at Dorothy Perkins before and think it is absolutely brilliant for some affordable workwear bits, as well as your everyday outfits. One thing I had never picked up from there was a blazer, until now, so naturally I was intrigued. I came across this beauty online and it was in the sale (BONUS!). 

Dorothy Perkins Blazer

If you have read my previous blazer post you will know I love a longer, oversized blazer, so as well as it being a new brand it was also a new style of blazer. This one is shorter and more of a traditional, structured fit. It does come to my bottom, so it isn’t too short but it is definitely not as long as my others. It has a lovely white stitching through it so it is a bit different to a standard black blazer and I love that because it just makes any simple outfit that bit different and adds something special. 

Dorothy Perkins Blazer
I was initially saving this to wear outside of work for its first outing but with Coronavirus and working from home, when I got the opportunity to go into work I knew it was time to take the blazer for its debut outing. I wore it with black formal trousers, black closed toe stilettos and a white T-shirt underneath, that I tucked in. You could definitely pair it with some jeans to make it more casual. 

I love the versatility of blazers, as it gives you so many options! 
Are you also in the blazer club? 

Stay safe x 

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