The One Instagram Photo Editing App Everyone Should Use

I once received a comment on Instagram saying 'I love your presets' and it made me think that maybe I should talk about how I edit my photos. I'll be honest... there's not much to it. There is one app I use and that literally works the magic.

The One Instagram Photo Editing App Everyone Should Use

Facetune 2 is honestly my saviour when it comes to photo editing. There is the opportunity to pay and get additional features but I just use the free version and it does everything I need it to.

On Facetune there is a 'Filter' section, where you can go through so many different filters that are split into categories, like ‘Intensify’, ‘Golden Hour’, ‘Beach Vibes’, ‘B&W’ and so many more. I’ve found which filter works for me and I apply that to pretty much every photo, so that all my photos have the same tones.

Now I feel like the term ‘retouch’ has negative connotations but it’s a matter of how you use it. The features I use are ‘smooth’ for if bedsheets/clothes are slightly creased; ‘whiten’ for whitening and brightening backgrounds to really make them pop; and ‘details’ to bring back any intricate details that may of got lost in the photo, this is especially good for jewellery shots. 

Basic Editing Tools
Obviously on here you can edit the brightness, contrast, crop, rotate, straighten the photo, etc. like you can on the Instagram app as well. So if any of that needs doing, I will normally fix that on the Facetune app and then save the image and then upload to Instagram.
I know some people use Lightroom, VSCO and other programmes and apps but this is just what works for me and I find it so much easier just having access to everything in one place. 

If you use any other apps or anything, let me know.

Stay safe x

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