Keeping Contact During Lockdown

Trying to keep that human interaction of any description during lockdown can be difficult. That's why finding ways to stay in contact with people is so important. Obviously there are the usual everyday, texting and phone calls but these ones are a little different. Here are a few ways I've seen people stay in contact with their loved ones or things I have done myself.

Make cocktails at home ready for your video calls
Zoom/Houseparty/Video Calls 
Group video calls are the best thing but also very dangerous, if you do them with a beverage. They are a great way to get all your friends or family together in one place but all from the comfort of your own homes. I know that on Zoom you can screen share so people have put together quizzes with powerpoint presentations, that you can all access and view, to make it a bit more interactive. I have heard many people (including myself) end up a little bit on the wavy side from getting through numerous gins through multiple hour video calls. Time flies when you are having fun.

I have heard some stories about issues with Houseparty, then heard that they may not be true so not 100% sure on where this stands currently (I deleted the app so cannot comment but I know people still use it - just wanted to mention it so people can make their own call)

Care packages
I have seen many people do these in a variety of different ways and I must say I have definitely joined in on the Banana Bread hype and delivered that to loved ones. Food care packages are probably the ones I've seen the most. There are posts all over Instagram of people baking and then distributing it to friends, family and neighbours, with cute little messages on. I've seen other people sending people little boxes of things that will make them smile, photos with each other, etc. I think these are such good ways of letting people know you are still thinking about them during this time. 

What have you been doing to stay in contact with your loved ones during lockdown?

Stay safe x 

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