I once received a comment on Instagram saying 'I love your presets' and it made me think that maybe I should talk about how I edit my photos. I'll be honest... there's not much to it. There is one app I use and that literally works the magic.

The One Instagram Photo Editing App Everyone Should Use

Facetune 2 is honestly my saviour when it comes to photo editing. There is the opportunity to pay and get additional features but I just use the free version and it does everything I need it to.

On Facetune there is a 'Filter' section, where you can go through so many different filters that are split into categories, like ‘Intensify’, ‘Golden Hour’, ‘Beach Vibes’, ‘B&W’ and so many more. I’ve found which filter works for me and I apply that to pretty much every photo, so that all my photos have the same tones.

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