Netflix Series You Need To Watch

If you are anything like me you have got a fair bit of extra time on your hands and are scrolling through Netflix wondering what you are going to waste numerous hours on. I managed to find several binge-worthy shows, that I am now going to share with you and hopefully make you binge too.

Netflix Series You Need To Watch

The Stranger 
I had heard so many things about this show and was intrigued by everyone going on about it, that I had to give it a watch. My Mum had also heard about this show so we decided to start it together.   It's about this girl who seems to know everyone's secrets and starts to reveal them or use them against people. We were both obsessed and kept wanting to watch the next episode straight after we had finished the first one. It was just one season, so just 8 episodes so it was a nice, quick binge. 

This one was a must watch after The Stranger. Everyone seems to have watched them both, straight after each other. Me and my Mum decided to start this one after the The Stranger. Once again it was a one season, 8 episode situation, which we genuinely finished in a few days. It is about this gated community where some suspicious events start occurring. It was so good! 

I started watching the first season of You about a year ago when it was first released and I will be honest, I wasn't obsessed with it so don't think I actually finished it. When season 2 got released and I saw everyone going mad about it, I thought I can't actually can't remember what happened in the first one so lets try and give it another go. I started watching the first one and ended up hooked! Absolutely whizzed through the first one and started the second and was just as hooked on that one too. It was definitely strange and at times I was literally thinking 'what the hell, this guy is weird?!' but it was ace. 

Sex Education
Honestly, one of the most light-hearted, funny programmes I have watched in a long time. It is about this guy at school, whose Mum is a Sex Counsellor so he decides to open his own sex clinic at school... you can imagine what happens next. I got through this so quickly and now absolutely love randomly saying 'you dirty pig' because it is my favourite line from the whole thing and had me in absolute stitches. I don't even know what to compare it too but it is a must watch for sure.

Stranger Things 
Not going to lie, this is definitely not the first time...or second time, I have watched this series. I reached a point where I didn't have anything else to watch and was missing my Stranger Things fix. Every single time I watch this, I fall in love with it again - I still get the same feeling of excitement and anticipation I did the first time round. I had never watched anything like it before and never realised it would be something I would feel so fond of. It is made to feel as though it is set in the 80's, which omg I love the fashion, hair styles, everything but it has the twist of SciFi paranormal happenings. It is a mismatch of everything that just ended up amazing. 

I am not okay with this
I was intrigued by this purely because it was from the same people as Stranger Things and like I mentioned that is an absolute favourite. I also saw that the main two characters were from IT so that was also a selling point. The length of the episodes seemed quite short so you were kept interested and able to get through the whole season super quickly; I think I got through the whole thing in about 2 days. It has similar vibes to Stranger Things and has that 'superpower paranormal' aspect but it is all about this girl trying to figure out high school and everything that comes with that. 

Netflix Series You Need to Watch

I may of got a bit carried away writing these and literally wrote them as if I was talking to a friend so hopefully you understood all of that. As you can tell, I loved all of these shows and feel very strongly about them. I hope you all go and now give them a binge or tell me some shows you are loving. 

Stay safe x 

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  1. I don't subscribe to Netflix (yet!) My nephew recommends some of their shows to me. Your round ups are so enthusiastic and tempting me to watch!

    1. honestly some of the Neflix original shows are so so good!! x