If you are anything like me you have got a fair bit of extra time on your hands and are scrolling through Netflix wondering what you are going to waste numerous hours on. I managed to find several binge-worthy shows, that I am now going to share with you and hopefully make you binge too.

Netflix Series You Need To Watch

The Stranger 
I had heard so many things about this show and was intrigued by everyone going on about it, that I had to give it a watch. My Mum had also heard about this show so we decided to start it together.   It's about this girl who seems to know everyone's secrets and starts to reveal them or use them against people. We were both obsessed and kept wanting to watch the next episode straight after we had finished the first one. It was just one season, so just 8 episodes so it was a nice, quick binge. 

This one was a must watch after The Stranger. Everyone seems to have watched them both, straight after each other. Me and my Mum decided to start this one after the The Stranger. Once again it was a one season, 8 episode situation, which we genuinely finished in a few days. It is about this gated community where some suspicious events start occurring. It was so good! 
I am beyond glad that I have found reading again and fell back in love with it - especially with everything going on currently, it is such ...